Conversation With Meghan Kitchen and Stephen R. Millar (Part 1)

For the first episode of Know Why’s new series, “Know About Creating,” Liberty is joined in-studio by audio engineer Meghan Kitchen and producer Stephen R. Miller, both of Point of View Radio Talk Show. But for this conversation, Liberty, Meghan, and Stephen are artists. They discuss what they love about their favorite art mediums, why they feel the drive to create stories, music, and performances, and how faith impacts their interactions with art. Enjoy Part 1 of this fun conversation and look for Part 2 next week! 

Art is Life

For people who consider themselves creatives, creating isn’t an option. That’s how Meghan, Stephen, and Liberty feel about their favorite forms of creative work. All three agree that art helps to connect them with other people.

“I love it [acting] because it gives me a chance to open people’s eyes, it gives me a chance to make people laugh or cry and to think deeply about humanity and about how they relate to others, and how others relate to them,” Stephen said.

“Art is to be shared,” Meghan added.

Faith and Art

What does it mean to do art as Christians? Meghan, Stephen, and Liberty share their various feelings on the combination of art and faith, acknowledging that sometimes Christians feel the need to box themselves or other artists in to explicitly and exclusively referencing God in their works.

Stephen argues that even in “dark” stories where the Gospel isn’t explicitly mentioned, people can be pointed to truth.

Listen to the episode for more about how art of various forms points to God, and check back next week for Part 2!

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