Why Know Why?

Maybe you were raised in church and want to know if there is a reason behind the things you were taught to believe. Maybe you aren’t religious at all, but you’re interested in different perspectives on morality.

No matter where you’re coming from, it’s not enough to know what people say about life’s most important questions. You also want to know why.

Each week, Know Why tackles tough questions on topics ranging from spirituality to current events, with special attention to the issues facing millennials and members of Gen Z.

While we approach these issues from a Christian perspective, we discuss diverse opinions and ultimately dive into what the research says.

The conversations on Know Why are frank and friendly, featuring brief but thorough interviews with a variety of subject-matter experts and interesting people. We hope you find these conversations enjoyable, informative, and relevant to your life.

Meet the host

Liberty McArtor is an early-90’s millennial with a background in journalism and copywriting. She likes asking hard questions and challenging assumptions through conversation—and hopes to do both on Know Why. Liberty lives in Texas where she and her husband wrangle two young sons and a spirited yellow lab.

Why Do We Have the Electoral College?

Interview With Richard Lim (Part 1) Knowing about presidential politics in the United States requires knowing about the Electoral College. What is it? Why do we have it? How does it work? How does it impact the weight of your vote? How does it impact candidates'...

How Can I Keep Faith Above Partisanship? Know About Political Engagement

Interview With Chris Butler Many people abandon faith values upon entering the political sphere. But it doesn't have to be that way. Chris Butler, Executive Leader at the AND Campaign and Lead Pastor at Chicago Embassy Church Network, joined Know Why to discuss how...

How Can I Become An Informed Voter (Part 2)? Know About Political Engagement

In Part 2 of her interview with Know Why, campaign manager Lisa Hendrickson explains primaries, offers tips on staying engaged in between election cycles, and discusses the importance of being willing to find common ground with your political opponents.

Know About Political Engagement: How Can I Become an Informed Voter?

Feel confident next time you head to the polls! To kick off our new series, Know About Political Engagement, Lisa Hendrickson joins the Know Why Podcast with tips on becoming an informed voter.

What Did Jesus Say About Overcoming Anxiety? Know About Jesus

Interview With Lauren McAfee Lauren McAfee and her husband, Michael, know firsthand what it's like to face back-to-back tragedies and unforeseen trauma. How can we handle the anxiety and grief that results from life spinning out of control? Jesus' teachings and life...

Why is Anger Unhealthy? Know About Jesus

Learn why Brant says Jesus is the “smartest man who ever lived.”

Is My Anger Righteous? Know About Jesus

Radio personality and author Brant Hansen explains Jesus’ teachings on anger and forgiveness, sharing personal testimonies revealing that “the way to freedom is the way of Jesus.” 

Did Jesus Prescribe Gender Roles? Know About Jesus

Interview With Dr. Glahn (Part 2) https://open.spotify.com/episode/2OxaHHwrbGMZfbDpwB9MWQ?si=875b0f6dc6834b26 In Jesus' radical inclusion of women, was he bucking God's system, or acting in perfect alignment with the rest of Scripture? In Part 2 of her interview with...

How Did Jesus Treat Women? Know About Jesus

Interview With Dr. Sandra Glahn (Part 1) https://open.spotify.com/episode/4Kgwv6AOeZTm7uF5qaJwkk?si=67a10a9b42234af7 In Part 1 of this interview, Dallas Theological Seminary professor Dr. Sandra Glahn offers insight into Jesus' interactions with women and what it...

What Did Jesus Say About Justice? Know About Jesus

Interview With Jon Noyes (Part 2) https://open.spotify.com/episode/5pNmmu7sdVHYh2ih06Fv76?si=b4ae1984c7c34822 Do Jesus' teachings on justice conflict with Old Testament teachings on justice? In Part 2 of Know Why's interview with apologist Jon Noyes, we examine the...

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It’s not enough to know what you believe. You also deserve to know why.

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